New Year

I’m excited to announce that I will be starting library school in a few weeks! Library school is when you want to be a librarian or an archivist, so you get a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Previously, I announced that I was starting graduate school in Media Studies, and after my first semester, I’ve decided to go in a different direction. Well, a more specific direction. I talked about it before, but I am interested in film archiving and digital archives, and while I loved my archives class, the program I was in would not prepare me for a job in the field. Library school will give me more practical training, which I am super excited to geek out over. So, once again, posts here may get fewer and farther between, but I am hoping to get a few ready and post every other week.

So besides finishing my first semester of grad school, applying and being accepted to a new grad program, and planning said new grad program, I’ve of course still been watching movies.  I am loving the new Watch TCM app, which allows you to watch a live stream of the broadcast (from your computer or mobile device) or access movies on demand (that have aired in the past week or two). You do have to have a cable subscription, but overall, it’s a good app. Although, if you see a movie ‘on demand’ that you want to watch, watch it right then, because it may expire soon. Because of rights issues, films are only available a short time after air date. But, TCM does re-air the same films, so there’s a good chance you can catch it again.

Other exciting announcement: in addition to this blog of my classic movie rantings, ramblings, and musings, I’ve started building a portfolio website to house my academic work. You can check that out: and see what I’ve been musing on in my classes. I’ll probably include a few more colloquial updates there as well about library school in general.

On to my third year of blogging!

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